Monday, August 29, 2016

Tinkerbell inspired Romper, DIY Tinkerbell Costume
We are planning to take a trip to Disney World soon.   SHHH!  Don't tell Little Dude, he does not know yet.   I was thinking of what outfits I could make for my littles.  I really liked the idea of a Tinkerbell inspired costume for baby girl, however all I could find were dresses.  Baby girl is a climber and a doer and a dress typically gets in the way.  Then I had the opportunity to test this Sun-kissed Sunsuit by Bella Sunshine Designs.

I was looking through all my fabric (my husbands thinks I have too much, I think he's silly) and I came across these green remnants I had purchased.  The Bella Sunshine Sun-kissed Sunsuit and this perfectly green fabric was perfect for a Tinkerbell inspired romper.  Baby girl will be able to move and enjoy her time.

The Sun-kissed sunsuit can be made into a maxi-dress and can be made with or without a ruffle.  The shorts on this romper are so cute with the bubble effect and the bottom ruffle.  Love!!  The pattern is pretty simple to follow.  I learned a new skill of understitching with this pattern.  I will work on an understitching tutorial soon.  I love how the pattern is in layers and I can print off only the size I need.  Baby girl is 15 months old weighing 23lbs wearing the 12 month size.  If you do not want to make one yourself, please feel free to reach out to Giggle Poo.  We would be happy to help make one for you.

The Twilight Ombre fade Night Sky Digital Paper is from the Etsy shop, Origins Digital Curio.  You get a pack of 5 original high quality printable starry sky glitter digital papers. This dreamy background features sparkly starlight glitter effects with a soft glow over a subtle vintage paper parchment texture. There is one sky image with 5 different ombre fade color effects.

The transparent .png fairy wings are from the Etsy shop, Haywire Media.  The fairy wings are a beautiful, fun overlay.  I have purchased a few of Haywire Media's designs and have been very happy with all of them.  

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